About Us

At Watershed Media Limited we believe in entertainment and technology. That is why we have over 10 years of experience in high quality mobile content. We are specialize in mobile content because the online divertissement is one of the main interests of the people nowadays. Which is why we are working with passion every day to provide you the best videos, articles, streaming and even games on our platforms.

To tell you more about who we are, Watershed Media is a digital company born in Cyprus over 10 years ago. We always focused on digital content because we wanted to become an expert on this field, and it is what we are now. In fact, we know what is good and what is not which enables us to provide you with the best services. We may have been born on a small island, but our company is wide now. We have members of the team across the globe, because some years ago we decided to take a step and become more global. It started with our international team and then we implemented different languages on our platforms. We want to give access to our premium content to as many people as possible.

At Watershed Media we based our work on three fundamental pillars:

    - On point technologies: we are using the best technologies to provide you a flawless user experience.

    - Cross platform content: the content is disponible on all the platforms, we may have been a mobile service company, but we have now extended our platform to all the devices (desktop, mobile and tablet).

    - Regular updates: it is important to update the content regularly to provide you the best experience for an entertaining journey by our side.

If you want to get the best, trust our advanced technologies, and take a moment to discover our platforms.


Registered under ΗΕ 388051. Tax identification No.CY10388051W
Agias Zonis & Thessalonikis, NICOLAOU PENTADROMOS CENTER, 5th floor, Flat/Office 507 A, BLOCK A, 3026, Limassol, Cyprus.
E-mail: [email protected]

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